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Stressless Recliner chairs review

9 Jun

My spouse and I have already been lusting across the Ekornes model of leather reclining chairs for a long time. Since individual chairs value in excess of $1000 each (and several are over $2500 each!), we certainly have shelve making that purchase. But once our leather sofa and loveseat turned 20 years old, we all made a decision it was time to bite the bullet when our local retailer of Ekornes products had a big sale.

Though our two chairs and ottomans were at the entry level of the quality level in the Ekernes line, we still paid $995 for each chair. This stressless chair and ottoman are covered with a Batick leather, which is a leather with a shielding coating of lacquer added so that spills are much simpler to manage. It can be quicker to clean, and cheaper in price, the leather is not as smooth and supple as the high-end Royalin line of leather.

The Stressless collection is made in Norway, which is Scandanavia’s greatest furniture developer. Ekornes has distributed more than 5 million Stressless chairs since 1971. The company tag line is Stressless: The Innovators of Comfort. Unlike bulky reclining chairs made by other manufacturers, the Ekornes chairs happen to be small, yet offer you even more comfort and support. The Stressless Chairs possess a stained teak base, and the footrest also slides back and forth along the length of it’s matching teak base. The chairs feature a round comfort table that swivels to the side or it could be moved nearer to you, it could be installed on either the right or left side of the chair, and can be removed should you not like it. The chairs have two knobs on each side which allow you to tighten the tension so that the Stressless Chairs will recline conveniently or harder. It can lay back quite far or sit straight upright. The chairs also swivel to a complete 360 degrees.
These Stressless recliner chairs are so comfortable, I can’t even commence to place it into words. You truly have to experience this luxury by yourself! The tubular shape of these Stressless recliners give you absolute comfort. No matter what spot you have it in, the furniture automatically follows your movements this means you do not have to maintain changing it’s position for that ideal level of support and comfort.

The store had a model of the interior workings of a Ekornes cheap stressless chair, and that we observed firsthand just how as soon as the chair back comes to an upright position, the bars in the lumbar area robotically stick out to offer you that needed support in the small of the back. As the chair reclined, the lumbar area compressed out a bit, so it’s self adapting.

Ekornes assures their internal mechanisms for 10 years after purchase. The metal frame, metal springs, and gliding system are usually covered with the warranty. The Stressless chairs included Leather Master Leather Protection Cream, which is a delight to make use of. It scents wonderful and the leather does not have to be buffed after cleaning it down.

We have a mid-sized living room, but it surely contains quite a few furniture pieces. Two standard sized recliners were out of the question for the space we had, and my husband and I absolutely love our Ekornes cheap stressless chair. Read More Ekornes stressless chair review at our site